Key West Mining

Purchase your treasure filled mining bag at our front desk today! Arr matey! Set sail for a treasure-filled adventure at Splash Harbour’s Key West Mining. Grab your trusty mining gear and get ready to unearth hidden treasures and precious gems in this thrilling and interactive activity. Mining for treasure is a swashbuckling way to spend your time at our Water Park. With six different bags to choose from, you can tailor your mining experience to match your desired level of excitement and booty! Will you go for the modest bag and enjoy the thrill of discovery, or will you opt for the grandest bag and seek out the most dazzling treasures? Dive into the experience, channel your inner pirate, and sift through the mining rough to discover gems and artifacts that will leave you feeling like a true treasure hunter. It’s a journey that promises excitement, laughter, and perhaps even a few gasps of awe as you uncover the treasures hidden within.