Cabana Rentals & Packages

Elevate your experience at Splash Harbour with our Upgrade Add-ons! Whether you’re seeking extra comfort or additional activities, we have everything you need to make your day truly Splashtacular. Choose from our range of Cabana Rentals & Packages, where you can enjoy a private cabana for the day or opt for one of our exclusive packages, complete with wristbands, mini golf, food, and more. Looking to add even more excitement to your day? Explore our Add-Ons, including access to Key West Mining Company, miniature golf, or our Gecko’s Ticket Redemption Game Room. Plus, ensure peace of mind with our convenient locker rentals, available in various sizes. Purchase your Upgrade Add-ons online today and get ready for a day of thrills, chills, and family fun!

All Day Private Cabana $130.00 $150.00
Family Fun Package
This package includes 4 wristbands, 4 rounds of mini golf, 1 large pizza with 4 soft drinks, and 4 mining bags Price -
Family Fun VIP Package
This package includes 4 wristbands, cabana with 4 bottles of water, 2 gift towels, 2 mining bags, and 4 rounds of mini golf. Pricing: Weekdays -$211 Weekends- $241
Adult VIP Package
This package includes 4 wristbands, cabana with 4 bottles of water, 4 gift towels, and a $100 Cruzan Rum Shack credit (food & beverage) Pricing: Weekdays-
$276 Weekends- $310
Key West Mining Company $8.95 $10.95-35.95
18-hole Miniature Golf- Adult (Hours Vary ) $8.95 $8.95
18-hole Miniature Golf- Children 12 years or younger (Hours Vary ) $5.95 $5.95
Gecko's Ticket Redemption Game Room (Hours Vary ) $1.00 for 4 tokens $1.00 for 4 tokens
Self-serve Kiosk Locker Rental- Standard $5.00 $5.00
Self-serve Kiosk Locker Rental- Large $7.00 $7.00
Self-serve Kiosk Locker Rental- Jumbo $9.00 $9.00