Miniature Golf

Ahoy, avid adventurers and golf enthusiasts! Welcome to Southernmost Links Miniature Golf, where a world of tropical-themed fun and excitement beckons you to test your putting skills amidst a lush and vibrant island setting. Picture 18 holes of pure family enjoyment, each one a miniature golfing adventure waiting to be conquered. Wind your way through the course, navigating cleverly designed holes that challenge both beginners and experienced golfers alike. The tropical theme adds a playful twist to your golfing journey, surrounded by palm trees, water features, and exciting obstacles. As you make your way through this lively and scenic course, the sound of laughter and the thrill of friendly competition will fill the air. It’s the perfect activity for family bonding, a date with a loved one, or a friendly match with your pals. Get ready to practice your putting, fine-tune your technique, and perhaps even score a hole-in-one. So, gather your crew and head on over to Southernmost Links Miniature Golf. To redeem coupons or purchase Club rentals, head over to the Key West Outpost Gift Shop.